Download luo benga mix

Download luo benga mix

Together with the late Joseph Kamaru he was one of the great innovators and popularizers of the Kenyan sound in the '60s, '70s and '80s. In addition to addressing current issues in his music he participated in the political process as councillor of Gatanga ward north of Nairobi from to The Daily Standard of Nairobi had this to say inwhen the great maestro was 42 years into his career: Daniel Kamau, popularly known as DK, proudly clings to the title of pioneer of Kikuyu benga music.

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At 60 and with over 1, songs to his credit, DK is unwilling to hang up his cherished guitar. He is scaling new heights by not only producing music videos of his past hits but also releasing new songs. When Sunday Magazine paid him a visit one afternoon, DK was busy working on a new video at a music production studio in downtown Nairobi.

The soft-spoken man who meets us does not look like a celebrity but the large number of visitors seeking audience with him proves he is no ordinary person. DK has been a leading figure in music ever sincewhen he dropped out of Karatina High School while in Form Two due to lack of school fees. And so successful has his music career been that the artiste never regrets dropping out of school. At the time, he was already deeply entrenched in music as he had started to sing while in primary school in his home village of Mabanda in Gatanga District.

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He had learnt how to play the guitar at just ten. But they never allowed me to touch it as they feared it would spoil me and prevent me from pursuing my education," DK recounts. But determined to realise his dream of being a musician and satisfy his curiosity, DK says he would often sneak away with the guitar while his siblings were away and teach himself how to play it. He perfected playing the guitar and earned instant eminence when he finally performed in public for the first time.

I offered to play the guitar, only to be become the talk of the village for a week as no one could believe a young boy could be so skilful," he says. After dropping out of school, DK says he just had one dream - to hear his voice on radio. He subsequently wrote a letter to a Voice of Kenya presenter, Mrs Kabeberi, requesting assistance so that he could produce his own music.

He helped me release my first record in ," he recounts. But he felt short-changed when he was paid "a meagre Sh" for all his toil. He shifted to Sokota Productions in and released three albums that fetched him Sh2, It is in this studio that he recorded hit songs "Njika na Njika" Tit for Tat and "I Love You" inwith the latter getting cross-ethnic approval. In the same year, DK made history when his maiden benga hit, "Kanini," sold 9, records.

His studio became an instant hit, attracting then upcoming stars such as Kakai Kilonzo and Joseph Gicheha. After just over a decade in music, DK had become an irresistible darling of the people in his home village and, inevitably, he says, he found himself entrenched in politics.

download luo benga mix

I was thus forced to mix music with politics untilwhen I quit politics to fully focus on music," he says.

With the advance in technology that has made video production cheaper, DK has now turned his mind to shooting videos of his past hits, a move he says has been influenced by public demand. He notes that while in the past he could only record four songs in one year, he is baffled to see some modern artistes enter a recording studio and come out with 12 songs in a day. Today, music has been turned into a business and this has badly lowered the quality. It is no a surprise that you need a presenter to say whose song is playing.

In the past, the music needed no introduction," DK states. He is furious about the high level of piracy in the country, saying he was recently shocked to learn that his music was being sold online to Kenyans in the Diaspora without his knowledge.

He is also bitter that a local ring tones firm has been illegally selling some of his top songs to mobile phone users for over five years without his consent.

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Download The Best of D. Posted by John B. Labels: BengaDaniel KamauKenya. That's not surprising, as according to the liner notes Mr. Odhiambo sang on many of those recordings.The music of Kenya is both diverse and inclusive. There's also a substantial international population, though, who have migrated to Kenya over hundreds of years to work in Nairobi, on coastal ports, or in mines. This musical diversity gives Kenya a unique, and really fun, musical landscape. Here are some songs to get you started in your musical exploration of Kenya.

download luo benga mix

Kenyan band Kenge Kenge has everything you want from a great African band, with their churning rhythms and wild dancers. Though you can't get the full live effect out of a recorded track, this eponymous number is still a great one for the music collection. Clocking in at over nine minutes, it's true to the extended, improvised Afropop form, and shows a good mixture of traditional Luo instruments with modern electronic ones. This beautiful sparse ballad makes an appearance in the film "The Constant Gardener.

Eric Wainaina is one of Kenya's favorite musical sons, and he's been recognized with dozens of awards and special commendations both in Kenya and abroad. His sound leans toward the poppy side of African musicand this tune has a great upbeat sound which features both Eric's great singing and a really nice background choir. Suzzana Owiyo, the husky-voiced reigning queen of Kenyan pop music, is actually better known on an international level as an advocate for African social issues.

Her work on numerous charity initiatives is equally as impressive as her music, though. Between her vocal skills think Angelique Kidjo meets Tracy Chapman and her clever, catchy songwriting skills, she is most definitely an up-and-comer on the international scene.

This sultry song is the title track from her CD. This banging hip-hop anthem from duo Gidi Gidi Maji Maji has been used as a theme song by a number of Kenyan politicians. Bwogo means roughly beat - in the sense of conquer - and comes from the wildly popular album "Unbwogable.

Samba Mapangala is actually Congolese by birth, but after moving to Nairobi in the late s, became a huge star throughout Kenya. This catchy song, from the album Song and Dance is a great example of the Virunga sound - a combination of African rhythms and Afro-Cuban music, particularly rumba. Yunasi is a relative newcomer on the Kenyan music scene, having only formed inbut they've made their mark as a hugely popular Afro-fusion band who've really found a nice balance of the traditional and the contemporary.

This feel-good number is an upbeat pro-Africa number that talks about various African heroes including Nelson Mandela and Haile Selassie and uniquely features the accordion in the instrumental line-up. Tanzania -born Daniel Owino Misiani gained fame in Kenya with his band Shirati Jazz, eventually becoming known as the "grandfather of benga ," as his innovative guitar-playing, use of international particularly Cuban influences and use of electric instruments made him the first hit-maker of the genre.

He was a proud member of the Luo people, and often used his songs to teach Luo history.Most of the Luo population are Christians and therefore, there is a necessity for Luo gospel songs as the songs help in breaking down biblical concepts into an easy-to-understand rendition. Several Luo gospel artists compose their songs entirely in Luo language, this is because it is the Luo language that appeals to their creative faculties, but for others, singing in Luo language helps them connect with their audiences and spread the word of God without language hitches.

While new artists have risen to help spread the gospel through music, we cannot say that there has been a huge vacuum as veteran Luo gospel artists like Danger Chacha, Mary Ominde, and John Okidi have served for a long time, leaving a trail of amazing old Luo gospel songs. Here are some of the most trending Luo songs. Here is a story of a young Christian who dedicated her life to serving Jesus Christ, but in the eyes of the society, she is seen as a failure because she does not meet any of the societal expectations pegged on her.

As many of her agemates are getting married, she still does not even have a suitor who is seriously engaged to her. When she takes even longer to get married, relatives begin to talk, others suggesting that they can find her an old man to marry her because her days of finding a suitable husband have elapsed.

Later, when they begin to see the beautiful things God does for her, they begin to encourage her to continue worshipping God because they now see that the God she worships is a living God. It is very rare for a vernacular song to gather more than a million views on YouTube, this song as surpassed that mark. The song is very relatable because as Christians we are always waiting upon God to help us achieve something.

However, having the patience to wait until he does is the hurdle that most Christians cannot overcome. This song will give you the courage to stay steadfast as you wait upon God to fulfill his promises.

This song is currently one of the dominant Luo gospel worship songs in open air crusades and churches in Kisumu and other Luo-inhabited regions in Kenya. This song, apart from being an uplifting song that will give the strength to walk with God even in those difficult times also uplifts the name of God.

download luo benga mix

She talks about God as someone who has experienced the beauty of being in covenant with God. This song should be translated into many languages, not only because of the message but also of the beautiful composition. Have you ever sat down and looked back at where Jesus met you? You would concur with me that Jesus can take you from a derelict to someone people refer to when talking about people who can make a change. This song is about a woman who Jesus saved from her evil ways and is therefore very grateful that Jesus showed him the right path to walk and how to live her life in a manner that pleases God.

The song is a celebratory song, and the happy dances in the video can attest to the happiness of the woman for having got the salvation. The song also features a young man with superb vocals; he mentions all the stuff that Jesus saved him from and why he shall stick to worshiping Jesus for as long as he lives.

The audio mastery of this song is done by John Okidi, who has composed some of the best Luo gospel songs. This tune is the right song to celebrate every milestone you have made in salvation. It reminds of the hope, love, and family one finds in Christ. He talks of how anointment by Jesus Christ makes the devil afraid and allows one to grow in all aspects of life.

He mentions how Jesus enabled Bartimaeus the blind to see just by smearing mud on his eyes. We all need anointment to break the malicious spells that bind us to the paths we no longer want to follow. If you need the power of Jesus Christ and all the favour that comes with his anointing around you, then this song will be a good tune to encourage you on the way.

The song is one of the latest Luo gospel songs that are both spiced in lyrical content and instruments. The song is fast-paced and danceable and suits a praise session in church and open-air crusades.

The video features different groups dancing in systematic moves that are easy to copy and blends well with the instruments. Also, the song is entirely sung in Dholuo but has subtitles for all the words spoken. The subtitles are in English. Therefore it broadens the audience as any person who understands English can know all the song is about.Adegbenga Adejumo bornknown as Bengais a British musician from Croydonknown for being a pioneer of dubstep record production.


Adejumo is of Yoruba Nigerian descent. As a teenager he would visit the Big Apple record shop in Croydon where he was introduced to Skreamand together they would help forge the sound of dubstep emerging in the early s. Benga's second release was a collaboration with Skream, called "The Judgement". In Benga along with fellow producers Skream and Artworkformed the dubstep supergroup Magnetic Man. Benga generated controversy in July after reportedly saying he wished to remove himself from dubstep, insisting that he no longer wanted to be a part of the genre.

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He went on to clarify his comments saying "For me to remain creative, I've kinda not got to call my music dubstep and for me to keep pushing boundaries and moving around, making songs I can't call myself dubstep.

On 2 FebruaryAdejumo announced on social media that following his engagement to Holly-Jae Treadgold, he was retiring to focus on raising a family. In SeptemberBenga revealed via his Twitter account that mental health issues had been the reason for his retirement announcement.

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He stated that drug use from the age of 17 had caused bipolar disorderwhilst excessive touring led to schizophrenia. He premiered a new track "Psychosis" on the radio show, inspired by and to treat his psychological experiences, and was released in February on his new Illuminate record label. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bass dubstep UK garage future house. Synthesiser sampler drums vocals. Big Apple Benga Beats Tempa. Magnetic Man Skream Katy B. Retrieved on 22 November Face 2 Face Africa.

Retrieved 3 December The Observer. London: Guardian Media Group. Retrieved 3 April Retrieved 17 April Retrieved 22 September Official Charts Company. Resident Advisor. The Guardian.Log in to view your wishlist. Items in wishlist:. Items in cart:. Options Items per page. Where do we begin? Emerging from the depths of Croydon in the early noughties, Benga has been a pioneer and pivotal lynchpin in the ever-burgeoning dubstep movement. His previous albums, Newstep and Diary Of An Afro Warrior remain amongst the most influential long players of the genre's history, alongside commercial crossover collab with Coki, "Night" and a slew of other high profile releases on labels such as Tempa, Tectonic, Hotflush and Planet Mu.

Firmly cementing his reputation as one of the scene's most pre-eminent figures, Benga brings us "Phaze One" - the first in a series of EPs on the seminal Tempa imprint. Bookmarked by the delightfully named "Baltimore Clap" and "No Bra, No Panties," the EP kicks off with jittering, dark riddims and aggressive slapstick, breathy tones.

As digital bonuses, "Transform" - another bleepy bad one, and the aforementioned cheeky sampling, dancehall-esque "No Bra, No Panties" - conclude the EP with a resounding two fingers in the face.

Great stuff. Future Funk EP. ZIQ 15 Oct 15 Bass. Dutch label Oi! Recordings launch their vinyl arm with a statement of intent, securing the Magnetic Man's preferred set ender. Next up, fellow Londoner Kutz steps up to the challenge with the equal screw face thump of "Shake It". Nice work Oi Recs. Biscuit Factory. Dubstep Allstars Vol 08 mixed by Distance. It's fairly typical fare from the Chestplate boss man, with tough steady rhythms underpinned by that particularly distorted kind of bassline.

There are a number of highlights, most notably Commodo's "Surveillance" which has a rolling break woven into the mix. Cyrus' "Looking Back" also impresses as it purrs away with a gorgeously warm, rich synth line. It's certainly as 'big room' as you'd ever imagine Distance getting! DJ Zinc. Volumes: One.Description: We present to you today a kamba gospel music mp3 free download mixtape by the talented DJ Felixer.

download luo benga mix

It features latest kamba gospel songskamba gospel songs by wilberforce and lots more of Kamba Christian tunes. Download and Worship the almighty God with this soul-lifting kamba dj mix. Playing… 1. Wilberforce Musyoka — Wendo Waku 2. Justina Syokau — Ndukandie 4. Esther Mutua — Baada Ya Kilio 5. Peace Mulu — Ivinda Ya Ngai 6. Jeremiah Musyoka — Ngai Wa Syama 7. John Kay — Ndilikane 8. Faith Kithele — Wikwatio Wakwa 9.

Margaret Mutunga — Mumo Waku Umbianie John Mbaka — Musuvie Wakwa Stella Mengelle — Mukamba Stephen Kasolo — Kitole Purity Kateiko — Ngai Noo Iwe Jane Mwanzia — Ivinda Ya Ngai Justus Myelo — Osa Nguma Zipporah Eric — Kuma Twamanyana Yesu Pst Dan Mutemi — Ivinda Yakwa Phyllis Mutisya — Tegea Paul Mulei — Nthi Ino Nivitite Juma Justus — Molitikai Mathias Kano — Ndikulaumu Amaitha Makwa Mary Kalumu — Ithembeo Michael Mutuko — Ivinda Ya Kukilywa Joy Katanu — Thina Ti Kukwa Irene Tesh — Kyama Ft Kasolo Jackson Mutinda — Kyondo Mwita James Mwongela — Mbua Elizabeth Clipper — Mivango Ft Kasolo Esther Mbithi — Yiangi Eunice Kyalo — Musyai Nasuviwe David Munyao — Ngwikie Mbete East African Music - African Radio.

Return to Projects Page. This was a fun project. My assignment: To create an entertaining CD of Kenyan pop music that covers it all. With a little fieldwork on my part, bar hopping from band to band in and a little help from my friend Werner Graebner to cover the taarab and coastal pop we put together my second compilation of Kenyan pop. A Rough History of Kenya Pop.

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Thirty years ago, when my love affair with Kenyan music began, the benga style had recently come into its ascen dancy.

Misiani and his Shirati Jazz had al ready been in existence for more than 10 years and already had scores of benga hits in East Africa not to mention LPs that were even sold in Europe. The word bengafrom the Luo language, means "something beautiful. Benga is high-energy music with a pulsing beat, great bass lines, and luscious interlocking guitar riffs. It originated with Luo musicians coming from the area around Lake Victoria in western Kenya.

With the instrumentation of modern electric guitar bands, they brought together melodies and rhythms based in their traditional music and created songs on current topics in their own Luo language. This new guitar-oriented style quickly caught on and spread across the country, with musicians from other tribes-Kikuyu, Kamba, Luhya, and Kalenjin, among others-borrowing the concept but incorporating their own local stylistic elements and languages.

In the late 70s, I was in Kenya to do anthropological research as a student. But with my Kenyan hosts having the radio on every waking moment, I quickly discovered some other tantalizing sounds from Kenya's urban areas.

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While benga music had a strong tribal appeal, other musicians arriving in Nairobi in the s from Tanzania and Congo then, Zaire offered a more regional, pan-East African sound.

Both were based on rumba influenced years before by Cuban music and both were perceived as ethnically neutral since nearly everyone could understand the Swahili language songs while essentially, no one understood the Congolese songs in Lingala.

The economic opportunities of Nairobi, Kenya's capital, have long been a magnet for people of diverse backgrounds from throughout the region.


Kenyan musicians took up the Swahili rumba cause as well joining these groups and forming groups like the Maroon Commandos and Nairobi Matata. These styles-benga, Swahili rumba, and Congolese-were the major players in Kenyan pop during the s and into the early 90s.

To this already diverse musical environment, Kenya's coastal region also contributes a style known as taarab, the popular music of Kenya's Islamic Swahili people and much of the East African coastal region beyond.