Gujian 3 crackwatch

Gujian 3 crackwatch

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Global Achievements. As the latest hit of the Gujian series, it boasts more free and smooth combat experience with its full real-time combat system. Most popular community and official content for the past week.

Gujian 3 Gameplay English Translation - Part 01 - 古剑奇谭三

Discount Coming Soon! To celebrate the release of this original music collection, all products of Gujian series will receive a limited-time discount promotion. Wangyuan Shengtang team Mar 31, Network unstable - quit game.

Guys am I the only one who can't play the game today? As soon as I start it crashes.

gujian 3 crackwatch

View all guides. A List for Lotuscape Researching: all correct choices.

gujian 3 crackwatch

This guide tries to list every research topic available, as well as the correct choices to make during the corresponding processes. View artwork. Fishing Location. Fredericks of Cursewood. View videos. Tailor in Lotuscape. Anybody know how to hire a tailor with ability greater than 83? I want to make Beilou's outfit. Although i have all the material, I just can find a 54 ability tailor. What should I do to have a higher ability tailor?The first installment of the Gujian series, it was originally released in China on July 10, for Microsoft Windows.

An Xbox One port of the game was announced in Set in a fictionalized version of ancient China, players control Baili Tusu, a young swordsman with a tragic background. Elements of traditional Chinese culture, including mythology, cuisine, fashion, architecture and Taoismwere prominent; the main characters' names are derived from names of alcoholic beverages in ancient China. The game's monsters were inspired by Chinese mythologyand many of the in-game locations are based on photographs and descriptions of historic sites.

GuJian is the first Chinese video game with fully voiced main characters. The combat is turn-based, occasionally including quick time events. At the time of release, it was warmly received by gamers and reviewers who regarded the cinematic cutscenes to be beautiful and visually interesting. Aurogon has released 7 pieces of downloadable content. A sequel, GuJian2was released in August Players control the main characters during their journey across ancient China.

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The game has a main story missions and side quests, which tell stories about non-player characters and provide information about skills. Combat is turn-based, and each action has a number of action pointsfrom one to five.

Aurogon describes the game's theme as reincarnation. Set in an alternative, ancient China, it is based on wuxia with elements of fantasy. Players can collect food from monsters and buy recipes from shopkeepers.

The prepared dishes and their leftovers can be used for recovery or attack. Since August 11,Aurogon has released seven items of downloadable content, including costumes, weapons, sub-quests and stories.

The game begins with a young Han Yunxi, son and sole successor to a female village shaman, sneaking out of the village to play. His plan to take his best friend, Chu Chan, to see a rare golden fox is disrupted when they are attacked by a bear, causing Chu Chan to stop playing with him. Under his mother's orders, Yunxi enters the Cave of Ice and Fire to perform a village ritual.

Inside the cave, he sees the Sword of Fenji within a magical seal. He finally emerges from the cave, only to witness a group of outsiders massacre his village. He passes out in shock, and wakes up in the cave beside his mother's dead body. Several years later, a year-old Yunxi, now called Baili Tusu, has become the second disciple of Master Ziyin from the Tianyong sect that resides in the Kunlun Mountains. Tusu carries with him the Sword of Fenji, which has been released from the seal after the massacre.

Vicious spirits residing within the sword torment him from time to time. Tusu leaves the mountains for the outside world to answer to the desperate pleas of a group of men kidnapped by bandits.

He rescues Fang Lansheng, a young, talkative scholar, Ouyang Shaogong, a gentle, mild-mannered alchemy expert, and Ji Tong, Shaogong's elderly servant. Shaogong tells Tusu that he is trying to retrieve the stolen treasure of the Qingyutan sect: a special jade which can be used to create a potion to revive the dead.

The jade has been broken into pieces, and are being used to absorb human souls. Hoping to revive his mother, Tusu proposes to help Shaogong find the fragments, in exchange for Shaogong to brew him the potion of resurrection. Tusu also vaguely recognises the jade, and is convinced that it will lead him to the true culprit behind the massacre.New update released today adds long-awaited English option and more.

Gujian 3 is the first entry in the Gujian series to be released in English. Unfortunately, while the game itself is available in English, the Steam page description for the game has not been translated into English. Thanks, ResetEra. Comments are welcome and encouraged on Gematsu. However, we ask that you follow a simple set of guidelines:. Gematsu reserves the right to edit or delete any comments without notice. This comment policy is subject to change at any time. View All Events. Here are the patch notes: Two new language options: Traditional Chinese and English.

New co-promotion content with GujianOL. Five new co-pro accessories. Get co-pro furniture and accessories from new dragon whelp Huge Cha in Lotuscape after activating main quests Onyx Kingdom and Ladle of Water. Five miscellaneous bug fixes. Xbox boss Phil Spencer: Microsoft still looking into studio acquisitions, interested in Asia Next post. Related Articles.

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Yaska "It depends" - Every lawyer ever. Dec 18, 27 54 Reactions: lashman. Oct 7, Can somebody who is extremely familiar with action games compare the combat in this game to another? Is it like DMCV? Ninja Gaiden? Help me out here; I wanna get an idea of what the feel and depth is like. It can make or break a game for me. I'd say it's close to Nier. But that's just my view on it. Yaska said:.Forums New posts Trending. Log in. New posts. Thread starter Eternal Queen Start date Nov 23, Forums Discussion MetaGaming.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Eternal Queen Prominent Pro Gifting. Oct 19, 4, 93 Sep 5, 15, 31, Chris Chris. Dec 10, 81 33 www. Is this like an Asian culture inspired Witcher like game?

gujian 3 crackwatch

Reactions: lashman. Chris said:. OK, honestly surprised at the price. Ascheroth Writing in the Megastructure. Nov 12, 2, 5, Wooo, nice OT. The game is utterly fantastic, easy GOTY contender. Anteater Someone please take me to AA. Sep 20, This game looks great sometimes. Reactions: FunktionJCB and lashman. Anteater said:.The hero, septuagenarian Captain Kidd, earns a modest livelihood Inspired by War and Peace, this historical novel tells the tale of War I to the bloody civil war following the Aws internals Best gear ratio for hill climbing road bike Summary Note: summary text provided by external source.

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Chinese action RPG Gujian 3 for PC now available in English

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Chairmanchuck Member. Oct 25, 5, China.

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Gujian 3 is finally released in english on Steam. Props to Queen Of Hunting for the screens.

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Oct 27, Ohio. Well, it definitely looks good. Oct 25, 15, Indonesia. Looks like they've updated the store page with English language information now.

Oct 26, 2, London. Looks nice, but is it a janky experience? Will wishlist and wait. Oct 27, 4, Anyone play it yet? How does it perform?

gujian 3 crackwatch

Zafir Member. Oct 25, 3, Had this on my wishlist for a while hoping this would happen. Sadly this weekend is busy with releases so ended up kinda being a bad time. Will definitely keep an eye out though. Kazer Member.